Biochar Drainage Ditch Filters

A very simple, passive and low tech approach for reduction of excess nutrients in water which can give rise to eutrophication or even HABS- Harmful algal blooms.

Utilising biochar filled sacks or bags made from natural fibers, these simple filter devices can be placed within drainage ditches or channels that are typically found alongside agricultural land.

The drainage water is made flow through these filters and in doing so, allows for some of the excess nitrogen, phosphorus and even sediment to be trapped, improving the quality of the water that flows through. This can lead to improvements in aquatic biodiversity and water quality – two areas that suffer from excess nutrients and which typically manifest as excess growth within our rivers, lakes and estuaries.

The filters can be made locally, using locally produced biochars and deployed relatively easily- making it an approach that could easily replicated by many.

Given the downward trajectory of the quality of our water bodies which face increasing pressures from agricultural, industrial and domestic discharges, these simple drainage ditch filters could represent a relatively cost effective and simple solution to implement across wide geographies, at the local level.

Drainage Ditch Filter