Creating The Circular Carbon Economy

THREE C project partners meeting

and exhibition BIO360 in France

The French partners of the THREE C project, AILE, B2E and UNILASSALE have invited the other members of the THREE C program to participate to Bio360, exhibition of bioeconomy and bioenergy, on February 8th and 9th 2023 in Nantes.

After the inauguration of the THREE C stand and the first exchanges, they met for the conference organized by the French partners: World Views : France – “Biochar, looking to find its place”, on the program : Lessons from the THREE-C program and current challenges for the biochar industry – Will the biochar sector be able to enroll in the Carbon storage certification process proposed by the European Commission ? – How French companies intend to organize themselves in the face of these challenges

Conference to be found in English/French here:

The next day was dedicated to the program meeting to review the progress and the organization of the end of the program.

Two days full of very instructive and constructive exchanges which allowed the French partners to refine the program of the 1st Assises du Biochar, the final event of the THREE C project, held on March 29.