Creating The Circular Carbon Economy

Ecological Mowing - We mow with care

A scientific study published in 2009 points to a serious decline in the insect population in Germany of over 70% in some cases. What we can do for you, your cultural landscape and the animals that live there? Whether meadow, traditional orchard, wet meadow, mountain meadow, nutrient-poor grassland, reeds or nature conservation areas - we mow almost anywhere, with particularly gentle sickle bar mowing technology in order to protect the resident fauna, especially the insects.

With our holistic approach to ecological and sustainable care of grassland, we want to contribute to the preservation of biodiversity and the revival of our cultural landscape that is worth protecting.
From a one-time mowing to the extensive conception of maintenance, care and recultivation measures. Thanks to our good network, we can support small and large projects in the planning phase with professional expertise and then implement them technically.
In order to promote biodiversity on the areas, we remove the cut material instead of leaving it on difficult locations, as is often the case. However, in many areas there is still a lack of meaningful use of this landscape maintenance material. The highest possible material use is important to us and we would like to accompany this development.