Creating The Circular Carbon Economy

Diaper Cycle

One child uses around 5000 diapers until they go to the toilet alone, leaving behind about 500 kg of waste, which is mainly plastic and will be landfilled or burned. In Germany alone, we estimate 500,000 tons of diaper waste per year (EU: 3,750,000 tons). Valuable nutrients are being wasted, while the topsoil quality is continuously decreasing everywhere in the world, threatening the amount and quality of food that can be produced.

Parents look for healthy and waste-free alternatives, but eco-branded diapers are  not compostable, and there is no recycling scheme in place for the nutrients. Many parents have turned to textile diapers, but this means oftentimes extra effort, energy and water for washing – the nutrients are still lost.

DYCLE has developed a system of 100% compostable diaper inlays that can be produced from mostly regional ressources. After use the inlays can be turned into hygienic and fertile soil substrate. Distribution and recollection of materials will be done at meeting places in the neighborhood, thus combining practical and social matters.

The system is strict on quality but flexible on how it might be implemented. Our long term goal is to make the concept available to communities around the world where it is needed.