What is the future of biochar in France?

On March 29, the first national biochar conference will take place in Rennes, France.

In the framework of the Interreg program THREE C (2019-2023), this day aims to bring together around 200 stakeholders: Biomass producers, solution providers, traders, users, researchers, institutions and associations working on the topic in France.

The National Biochar Conference will provide a unique opportunity to:

  • Inform about the basics: Carbon storage, soil quality, importance of life cycle analysis (LCA) compared by process (composting, direct return to soil, pyro-gasification);
  • Promotion of the potential of this sector and the challenges it can cover, without forgetting the necessary aspects to ensure the sustainability of the applications;
  • Maintain the links between the players of the biochar market and make them share operational actions to be carried out together.

For the detailed program and for registration see:

1st National Biochar Conference in France