Creating The Circular Carbon Economy

Sharing and Shaping - DEVELOPment

Sharing experiences, discussing ideas, shaping concepts, developing new approaches and further adapting existing products and processes – all these steps and activities have taken place within the THREE C project over the past months, but during this time most of the results could not yet be presented in the full form they deserve. The need and use of the biochar concept – both in certain developments and in products – is a current topic that the THREE C partnership is working on intensively.

And it is time to promote and present these ideas – at the 14th Reveal Conference in September 2022 in Germany, this is exactly what will happen.

Ideas in the concepts of circular economy and the impact of biochar or activated carbon, concepts for water treatment in rural areas and cities, approaches to promote learning environments as an ideation factory – this box (HUBs, LABs, NET), which is being developed as part of the THREE C project, will be partly presented in the exhibition at the conference.

Stay tuned for more developments and announcements in the next three and a half months!