Creating The Circular Carbon Economy

Webinar “The circular economy of vegetal charcoal: it’s possible” (March 22, 2021) #Bio360Week

Visit the workshop on bio360 week with THREE C partners!

During the Bio360 week, 4 actors of the THREE C project will take the floor to present to the public the biochar, its uses and the role of the THREE C project in the development of the sector in the North West of Europe.

Rendezvous on Tuesday March 22nd at 9:30 am for a 1h30 conference translated simultaneously in French/English.

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On the program, you will find:

– Jacques BERNARD, in charge of biofuel studies at AILE Intiatives Energie Environnement who will present the biochar in its entirety;

– Tom DUCROCQ – Industrial Engineering student at UniLaSalle Rennes – EME (École des Métiers de l’Environnement) who will talk about possible alternatives for water treatment with biochar;

– Hervé DENIS, President of Bretagne Eco-Entreprises (B2E) who will present the Interreg NWE program and the objective of the THREE C project;

– and Tom ANTHONIS, Innovation and project manager at Pro Natura who will expose his societal vision of the creation of the biochar sector.


Bio360 is a flagship international bioenergy event which, as of 2021, combines three historical events organised by Bees, namely Biogas Europe (2010-2020), Wood Energy (1998-2020) and ReGen Europe (2019-2020). Covering the entire bioenergy sector and the transition to a broader bioeconomy, Bio360 offers, as its name suggests, a global view of the bio-sector. The event’s thematic coverage of bioenergy includes gaseous, liquid and solid bioenergy including waste-to-x… which today are already playing a key role in both combating climate change and curing our dependence on fossil fuels. The role that bioenergy is set to play tomorrow and in the future will grow in importance and making Bio360 a global platform where positive climate action takes center stage is one of our main goals. The event itself is characterized by the presence of a large number of international bioenergy luminaries, 7000 participants over the two days of the event as well as a comprehensive coverage of the bioenergy sector among the 450 international exhibiting companies.