Creating The Circular Carbon Economy

reveal15 conference a great success!

On the 14th and 15th of june, the reveal15 conference took place in göttingen and was a great success. under the motto “towards a circular sustainability culture”, more than 150 participants from all over europe and from more than 10 european projects came together. in our special reveal conference mode, in addition to the THREE C thematic area biochar & circular carbon economy, workshops on sustainability & entrepreneurship as well as on social & health services were offered.

The programme was framed by a workshow by philosopher Manuel Scheidegger, who challenged the participants in a gripping way to radically question their ideas of reality. He was supported by Jonas Urbat with his truly wild tuba sounds – what a perfect setting for creative thinking!

The crowning finale on Wednesday was a concert by the Blue Chamber Quartet, which oscillated brilliantly between classical and avantgarde, touches of jazz and Latin American rhythms.

On Thursday, the conference ended with a wonderfully funny wrap-up by the improvisation theatre group Improsant.