Creating The Circular Carbon Economy

Two day excursion to Baden-Baden.

Despite all the pandemic-related circumstances, a two-day meeting of the THREE C project could finally take place.

On 18 and 19 November, more than 40 people met for an excursion in Baden-Baden. In addition to the direct project partners, many participants of the THREE C professional development course started in autumn also joined the event. After the numerous elements of the so-called “integrated biomass and carbon management – IBCM” had already been presented in the purely virtual course format, the various participants were now able to get a first-hand impression of some of the cornerstones of the IBCM:

  • the city’s green cutting facility
  • the pyrolysis plant
  • a PFK-contaminated agricultural area on which miscanthus is grown


After the numerous online events over the last 1.5 years, the value of this real event for THREE C has again been impressively proven.
All the more frustrating for our project work is the ongoing pandemic, which is now on the rise again in winter. This event, too, could not be planned with certainty until it began – and some of the people were ultimately unable to come.
However, with a strict “only vaccinated and recovered” rule and additionally an antigen test on both days, we were still able to carry out this excursion successfully.