Creating The Circular Carbon Economy

Kick-Off meeting postponed

The seats in the trains were already reserved, the beds already booked. Nevertheless, the first real meeting of all project partners had to be cancelled late and at short notice.

After the first brief meeting at the end of January in Mechelen in Belgium, an actual kick-off meeting of THREE C was planned in Baden Baden in southern Germany. The first steps of the project plan were to be discussed. A joint workshop was to take place to get to know each other and to better identify the respective expertise of the partners for this project. In addition, the new pyrolysis plant of the partner “Umwelttechnik Baden Baden” was to be visited on site. This plant was installed there in an earlier Interreg project of some current partners. It serves THREE C as an example for a sustainable use of formerly unused biomasses.

After the reports about the new Corona virus also increased in Europe, we unfortunately had to put on the brakes and cancel this meeting at short notice.

So for the time being, our next steps together will be online. The international team is used to communicating virtually on a regular basis. Nevertheless, previous experience shows that the value of such real meetings for joint cooperation is very high and is difficult to replace.
We therefore hope to be able to catch up on the meeting in the near future.